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Lithium Battery Charge Time Empty Lithium Battery Charge Time

Post  xch2hf Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:38 am

To understand lithium battery charge time is helpful to make it more scientific in theory and practice. Theoretically, lithium battery charge time equals the ratio of battery rated capacity to current.

Lithium battery charge time (h)=battery capacity (mAh)/charge current (mA)
However, due to resistance during charge, actual charge time will exceed the above theoretical charge time to offset resistance effect. In order to meet the full charge requirement, an over 1 factor is often set as per the ratio of charge current to battery capacity. For example,

In case of charge current less than or equal to 5% of battery capacity, then
Lithium battery charge time=battery capacity÷ charge time×1.6
So according to the ratio size, there are other factors when accounting lithium battery charge time:
1.5 (5%< charge current ≤10%),
1.3 (10%<charge current ≤15%),
1.2 (15%<charge time ≤20%),
1.1 (20%<charge time)

Practically, charge time of lithium battery used on portable electronic products is also designed as per the above formula. Corresponding CC charger is equipped to these lithium batteries with full charge indicator controlling battery charge time and alarm signal warning full charge status. In this condition, by operating according to manual, customers are free from worry about battery charge time.

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