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Lithium Battery Lifetime Empty Lithium Battery Lifetime

Post  xch2hf Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:37 am

Lifetime is one of standards to judge whether lithium battery is good or not, also an important content on basic battery performance. Due to classifications of dry and rechargeable lithium battery (also lithium-ion battery), lithium battery lifetime, as a description of cycle times, often refers to that of lithium battery.
For all rechargeable batteries, lifetime is an extremely important parameter and especially concerned by consumers of portable electronic products. In that way, what is scientific definition of battery lifetime?
A fully charge and discharge on rechargeable battery is called a cycle. Under a certain charge and discharge system, before battery capacity reaching a specified value, charge and discharge times endurable by battery is life cycle or lifetime of rechargeable battery.
Because of material and mechanism features of lithium battery, lifetime of lithium battery has longer than that of other existing rechargeable batteries. Cycle times of LiFePo4 battery can even reach 2000.
Different battery manufacturers have different design requirements for lithium battery lifetime, but differences fall into a approximate scope. What matters most about li-ion battery lifetime is safety. Long lifetime and safe lithium battery has become preferred balance for customers to judge battery performances.

In order to prolong lithium battery lifetime, some scientific ways to use battery should be noted:
1. control overcharge and over discharge. Often maintain battery charge between 10%-90%. Design no more charge and discharge with battery 20%-80% for some batteries;
2. avoid over-current charge and discharge;
3. keep workingtemperature within -20℃-60℃;
After understanding the basic knowledge about lithium battery lifetime, we should develop a good electricity-using habit to extend its lifetime.

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