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Global & China Li-Battery Industry Summit 2011

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Global & China Li-Battery Industry Summit 2011 Empty Global & China Li-Battery Industry Summit 2011

Post  Admin Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:08 am

New energy industries take up three of the seven emerging industries of strategic importance in China.
The 5th plenary session of 17th CPC Central Committee has reviewed and approved the 12th Five-Year Plan, which has demonstrated the strategic development trend of China in the following five years. It is officially proposed that development of seven emerging industries of strategic importance including energy saving and environmental protection, new generation of information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new material and new energy vehicles will be prioritized during the 12th Five-Year Plan. Among all these underlined industries, Li-ion battery, charging equipment, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, smart grid are listed as sub-industries.

Advanced battery technologies should be commanded to promote the development of new energy vehicles.
In Sep. 2010, the State Council released the Decision on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Emerging Industries of Strategic Importance, which has highlighted the universalization and industrialization of electric vehicles. As a core part of electric vehicles, battery will become the future development priority. However, technical difficulties existing in the lifespan, consistency, cost, etc. of Li-ion batteries have severely hampered the industrialization of new energy cars in China. In addition, lack of infrastructure such as charging stations or charging poles also restrained the development of new energy vehicles.

Li-ion battery will embrace new application fields while energy storage market is boasting sound outlook.
On Jun. 19, 2010, Mr. Wu Yin, the Vice-Minister of China’s National Energy Administration disclosed in China’s Energy Strategy and 12th Five-Year Energy Development Forum that China’s energy strategy concept will undergo six major transformations and energy storage, as one of the six major links for power operation, will not only offer strong support to the integration of the whole energy industry chain but also serve as an efficient solution to energy optimization. With the development of electric vehicles and the establishment of intelligent grid, market demand for large-scale energy storage cells will be on continuous increase. All energy storage technologies including Li-ion battery will face both huge challenges and unprecedented development opportunities. According to the market survey of a U.S. energy research institute, energy storage industry is currently boasting the biggest investment potential as the most capital-abundant field.

With the Li-ion battery era impending, to make breakthroughs in key technologies of battery is critical.
Li-ion battery is now facing two technical bottlenecks: lifespan in high temperature and the safety issues caused by inner short-circuit or thermal runaway of the battery, as analyzed by Professor Jun-ichi Yamaki, Chairman of Electrochemical Society of Japan. The above-mentioned problems should be attributed to the reliability of BMS, the structural design and connection type of battery monomer and battery pack. To prioritize the technology breakthroughs of Li-ion battery, especially the application technologies of battery so as to improve the performance consistency of battery will speed up the advent of new energy era.

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